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Training and Resources

As an organisation, we provide the following training courses …

  • Smoking
  • Shisha smoking
  • Paan/Tobacco chewing
  • Hard-to-reach groups
  • Ramadan campaigns
  • Cultural awareness
  • Tobacco Chewing/Smokeless Tobacco Use Amongst South Asian Community in the UK

The training on covers areas such as :

  • Types of tobacco chewing products
  • What they contain
  • Risks involved
  • Where they come from
  • Places they are sold in the U.K.
  • Types of groups who use these products
  • Barriers Identified
  • Documentary showing a family in the U.K. using Tobacco Chewing and a patient being treated for Oral Cancer.
  • How to target these groups
  • How to work with these groups and the sort of advice to offer.

We also bring along with us products purchased locally so that people can see what they look like and taste like if they wish.

This training is crucial for all health professionals.

It is important to learn about smokeless tobacco and user groups to make sure correct information and advice is provided when seeing clients, because many people use this as an alternative to smoking and think it is safe.

  • Smoking Cessation Level 1 & Level 2 – Specifically aimed at accessing hardcore smokers and hard to reach groups (BME, Polish, socially excluded, deprived areas, routine & manual workers).
  • Cultural Awareness Training

In terms of resources, we have a number of leaflets & booklets available in different languages, these include:

  • South Asian Tobacco chewing products and their use in the UK.
  • Shisha Use in the UK
  • Smoking and Weight Loss

Feedback from the participants on the training…

Excellent training course – I will feel more confident to raise this with women and families that I meet.